Find out what's stopping you from freeing yourself from
worry and anxiety so you can eliminate it and... 


Learn to Conquer These 3 Common Pitfalls That Cause Your Fear and Anxiety 

1. The #1 reason why you can't seem to conquer your fear and anxiety no matter how hard they try!

2. Why you should NEVER trust people who tell you you need more will-power and everything will be okay and what you should do instead. 

3. The honest TRUTH about conquering your fear and anxiety and why it can be so much easier than you ever imagined... and much, much more!

Unlock Your Tools to Kick Fear in the Face

If you are ready to move past the stress, worry and anxiety that fear causes, here is what you’ll learn:

Module 1

  • Find out exactly what you lose when fear controls your life.
  • What exactly is fear and the internal/external ways it shows up in your life.
  • How to challenge fear by changing your physiology.
  • Exercises to kick fear in the face including "Worst-Case and Best-Case Thinking" and the "So What" technique. 
  • A personal challenge to jump start your transformation from fearful to fearless.

Module 2

  • How to take your focus from what you cannot control to focusing on what you can control.
  • Overview of two resources that gives you insight and a healthier perspective on your life as a spiritual being. 
  • More techniques to kick fear in the face including practices of gratitude, mindfulness, meditation, and more. 
  • 15 stress and anxiety busting tools that keep fear at bay. 
  • A personal challenge to continue your transformation from fearful to fearless. 

Module 3

  • Why you need support and ways to get it.
  • How to let go of the stigma of weakness when reaching out for help. 
  • Understanding self-compassion when working through worry, anxiety, and fear.
  • Strengthening your courage to keep moving forward and kick fear in the face. 

Along With The Three Modules, You Will Receive
These Three Bonus Items:

1) Kick Fear in the Face Worksheet

Anxiety and worry detract from the level of enjoyment in your life, as well as contribute to physical and emotional challenges. Everyone deals with anxiety at times, but each person’s anxiety and worry are unique. It’s important to discover the best ways to address your unique situation. This worksheet helps you work through questions to gain a better perspective of how you can defeat worry and anxiety in your life.

2) Kick Fear in the Face CheckList 

This check list of 25 proven techniques to beat stress and anxiety reviews tips from your workshop plus 10 more. By using this checklist, you will stay on track to conquer fear and kick it in the face.

3) Kick Fear in the Face Affirmation and Reflection Read Aloud Hand Out

This invaluable tool is to be used daily to remind you that your courage Is stronger than your fear. By readying the precisely written affirmations aloud, you subconsciously realign with what you want in life. You learn to cope with emotional triggers. You learn to overcome mental or emotional challenges on your journey to manage, stress and anxiety.

"Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it."
--Judy Blume

If you're ready to confront fear and take back your life, let's get started.

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Do You Struggle With Fear and Anxiety?

My Name is Coach Dee and I created this workshop to help you.

As a success coach, spiritual counselor and clinical hypnotherapist, I’m in a unique position to identify the challenges my clients and students face every day.

When worry, stress, and fear hold you back in life, there is no time to be polite. It's time to stand up to fear and demand your life back. The thing is, fear may not leave willingly because it’s been doing a job for you for so long.

This is when you must take charge with deliberate action and  Kick Fear in the Face

Why?... Because fear is personal.

This psychological warfare is something you personally created and you and only you can conquer it.

This self paced workshop supplies valuable information to:

help you call fear out...

techniques to conquer fear

and resources if you need additional support. 

I'm just an email away to give you that additional push.

Let's build success together and Kick Fear in the Face.

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“I highly recommend Dee! She is authentic, professional, ethical... but most importantly to me... heartwarming, a friend who I didn't know I had. She helped me with anxiety, motivation, confidence, and more. Like I told her in our last session; she brought back the old me but on steroids, I feel like a "bad-@ss new me" and I'm proud of it!”

San Antonio, TX